What is White Space and why do I need it?

what is white space

White space can mean different things; it can relate to design, to unmet customer needs, or as in this case, to your schedule.


Throughout August, I took time away from Instagram. The initial intention was to focus on other marketing efforts – since starting my business in 2019, my marketing has mostly relied on Instagram and I don’t like it.


But that wasn’t actually the biggest benefit I got from the month.


I set myself intentions of speaking on multiple podcasts, writing lots of blog posts and emails, going to networking events…


The reality was that I spoke on one podcast (which I really enjoyed, you can listen to it here) and I think I sent one email.

I could have beat myself up about it, and I do feel as though I should have done more. But I spent time with family and my beloved cat Bailey, I celebrated my twin baby nieces’ first birthday, I went camping in Cornwall…and that white space was far more beneficial.

So…what is White Space?

White space is the idea of taking time away from work to do something that re-energizes you. It doesn’t have to be sitting in an empty room doing nothing. It could be:

🧘‍♀️ Yoga

🧖‍♀️ An afternoon at the spa

🍂 Going for a walk

🍷 Having lunch with friends

🏕 A long weekend away


It’s the idea of giving your mind a break so it is free to wander and actually think.


It allows you to go from floating from one busy day to the next without feeling like you’re progressing, to making big productive leaps forward.


Why is it so important?


We are living in a time where we are constantly being bombarded with information. From hustle culture to anti-hustle culture, self-care is a hot bath but also getting the task done, if you want to be successful you have to show up online consistently.


So much information (oftentimes conflicting) coming at us from all angles. It’s no wonder we’re anxious, burning out and losing our creativity. It’s exhausting!


We often fall into the trap of thinking that being busy means you’re making progress. Thinking that you have to do everything and be everywhere. But that could in fact be what is keeping you stuck.


How do you expect to support your clients, create new programmes and courses, be the visionary leader when you’re close to running on empty?


You need to be able to have guilt-free white space scheduled, while safe in the knowledge that your business isn’t going to capsize as a result. Knowing that you have a team, systems & processes that are going to ensure continued growth. Knowing that when creativity strikes and you have a new idea that you know is going to change the game, you have the resources in place to make it a reality.


While blocking out time in your calendar to do something totally non-business related (or maybe to do absolutely nothing at all) may feel unproductive, it might actually be the most productive thing you do.


As the CEO of your business, you need to be focussing on the tasks that can only be done by you. That is creating content and client work. Everything else can be delegate or automated.


But you need to be able to tune into that creativity first!


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