What is an Online Business Manager?

Online Business Manager

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 2 years, you will have noticed the absolute explosion in online businesses.


And as someone who really values independence, freedom and self-sufficiency, I am so here for it.


People are taking back control of their lives. They don’t want to be confined by someone else’s limits anymore. They want to be able to live life on their own terms, do things they are passionate about and that light them up, and they want their ‘work’ to complement their lives as opposed to draining it.


A lot are turning to the online world, either setting up their business as a coach or service provider, or ensuring their business has an online presence for maximum impact and flexibility.


But unfortunately, the path to ultimate freedom that can come with entrepreneurship isn’t always linear. 

Business owners can often find themselves feeling trapped by their business. They spend 90% of their time doing all the things, instead of focusing on the reason they set up their business in the first place. Instead of focusing on client work and creating new courses and content, business owners find themselves in the weeds of their business, spending time trying to integrate their sales page to their checkout page to their email marketing platform to their course management platform…😴


Enter the Online Business Manager.


The integrator to your visionary. The yin to your yang. The person who is going to take your dreams for the business and make 👏🏼 them 👏🏼 happen.


As the business owner, you want to be able to focus on the visionary direction and the future of your business, and on the tasks that can only be done by you. Everything else can be delegated. Having an Online Business Manager on your team means having a partner you can strategise and plan with, but who also takes over:


Operations Management

Systems, processes and tech aren’t everyone’s best friend. They can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. A lot of Online Business Managers (myself included) come from strong operational backgrounds, where managing the day to day activities of a business is their zone of genius. So many areas of business can be automated, streamlined or simplified and your OBM will ensure the back end of your business is set up for continued, sustainable growth.


Team Management

A common barrier when it comes to expanding your team and hiring new people is the fear that it will take longer to train them up than to just do the task yourself. Your OBM will take over the hiring and onboarding of new team members, as well as the ongoing management of the team. They will streamline the process so that when expanding your team in the future, any new starters will be able to hit the ground running.


Project Management

I’m sure there are projects you’re desperate to start but at the moment they are just being pushed to the back of the shelf as you’re so busy in the day-to-day of running your business. Perhaps you want to create a passive income stream or an evergreen funnel. Maybe it’s the passion project you’ve been dreaming of. Your OBM will work with you to understand your goals, and then bring the project to life.


Launch Management

This is a huge part of a lot of online businesses, particularly with online coaches and course creators. But creating a course or group programme isn’t the same as launching it. Launching can be a stressful, daunting and full on process. There can be so many moving parts and a rollercoaster of emotions along the way. Having an OBM there to manage your launch will ensure you enjoy the process and are excited to show up and share it with the world.


Metrics Analysis and Tracking

When starting and growing our business, we are heavily focused on doing, often without a proper understanding of what is really driving the needle forwards. By using data to understand what is really generating the results, we can do more of what’s working, and scrap the things that aren’t.


Online Business Managers really are the key to unlocking the next stage in your business growth. If you’re ready to transform your business and take the next step, and want to find out more, you can check out my services and apply to work with me by clicking the link below!

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