Own your business instead of it owning you,

in just one week!

Picture this: One week from now, you’re not just in control of your business – you’re bossing it like a true visionary. No more being buried in tasks or tangled in overwhelm.


We’re talking laser-focused action that’s about to transform your reality.

You know that vision you had of running your own business? The one where you work from your laptop with unlimited holiday days each year, pina colada in hand and stripe notifications blowing up your phone. 


The one where you work 20 hours per week, and bring in 4x your previous corporate salary.


The one where you spend your days supporting incredible, mission-driven clients, going to the gym and prioritising your health, and enjoying the beautiful home you’ve created for yourself.


The one where you curate your own life now, rather than waiting until your 60s.

Still firmly sat on the vision board you’ve set as your background?

Somewhere along the way you got bogged down by the never-ending to-do list. You got lost wasting your precious time on tasks that could be automated, spinning too many plates and faffing about on tasks that you just don’t enjoy doing.


Not for much longer. It’s time to say goodbye to the overwhelm that’s been holding you back from fully living your life outside of your business.


You get to enjoy entrepreneurship, uncap your potential, and reclaim your time. That’s not just a luxury reserved for other people.

I know this because I was that person too! 27 years old, rose tinted glasses firmly on, ready to reject the status quo and escape this weird, warped view of how life is supposed to be. 


After 13 years working in Business Operations and a Project Management qualification, the part that comes naturally to me is creating organisation, streamlining your systems and setting up automations. 


It sounds counterintuitive, but structure creates freedom.


By doing this, you free yourself of being chained to your phone or laptop 24/7. You allow yourself to break through that self-imposed income barrier. You maximise your time spent outside of the business, being fully present with your favourite people, able to travel and explore more. 

Introducing the VIP Week

The secret sauce designed to tackle that one pain-in-the-ass challenge in your business that’s been holding you back. 


Whether it’s optimising your platforms, automating the onboarding journey, mastering that next-level launch, or setting up those sweet passive income streams—consider it handled.


We’ll sit down together for an in-person brainstorming session, and craft a plan that’s tailor-made for your vision. And then, like clockwork, watch me work my practical, logical magic to bring that plan to life over the week. 


This isn’t just about checklists; it’s about restoring your peace of mind. It’s about seeing clients come in effortlessly, knowing they’re embarking on a journey that leaves them spellbound. It’s about giving you the space to dive into what truly sets your soul on fire.

Imagine a world where your business works FOR you, not the other way around. 


Imagine waking up excited to tackle the day, knowing that everything is streamlined, and the barrier to your next level is shattered. 


Imagine yourself enjoying every moment, confident in your decisions and in control of your journey.

So what's included?

  • A pre-session questionnaire so I can understand your business and vision
  • A 3 hour in-person strategy session (or 2x 90-min if we can’t make in person work)
  • 5 days of implementation to bring the plan to life


BONUS – for the first 3 people only

  • Additional 7 days of Slack support

I know, I know! You don't just want to hear it from me...

It all starts here




£450 x2

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Hey! I'm Abi...

I spent almost a decade climbing the corporate ladder in both the UK and Australia, working on projects such as public inquiries into corruption within a govt department and bringing landmark new TV series to your screen.


But I decided enough was enough. I was sick of handing control of my life over to someone else. Allowing someone else to dictate how much I earned, how much holiday I was allowed to take, what I could work on, and spending my life wishing away time.


I believe nothing is out of our reach. The only difference between us and the people we admire is that they chose to go for it, full-force.


We have sooo much available to us, it would be rude for us not to go after it too…right?!


I’ve made it my mission to ensure nothing holds you back from going after your dreams. Whether it’s creating a business capable or supporting you while you impact 100,000 lives, giving you the time back so you can write a book and engage in more public-speaking, or ensuring your business continues to grow while you are building your home from the ground up. 


I’m all in. Are you?

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